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BloomRoom Extra Height Grow Tents

Stand Tall! The BloomRoom Tents Help Prove A Little Extra Goes A Long Way!

With robust 25mm poles instead of the standard 16mm poles BloomRoom tents stand strong. These extra thick poles allow them to offer the added benefit of no centre pole being needed.

The extra 35cm of height means you can get your fan and filter up and out of the way to optimise the growing area, it also gives growers who use Gavitas or E-papillon or other high end digital lights that extra bit of head room that the lights require for optimum results.

BloomRoom Tall Grow Tent 120 x 120 x 235cm
High quality extra height grow tent 1.2m x 1.2m and 2.35m tall.
BloomRoom Tall Grow Tent 120 x 240 x 235cm
1.2m x 2.4m & 2.35m Tall Grow Tent. It's That Extra Bit Of Height You Always Wanted.
BloomRoom Tall Grow Tent 200 x 200 x 235cm
High Quality 2m x 2m & 2.35m Tall Grow Tent - The Extra Tall Grow Tents Have Arrived
BloomRoom Tall Grow Tent 240 x 240 x 235cm
2.4m x 2.4m & 2.35m Tall These Tents Are The Best In The UK Right Now, Find Out Why!
BloomRoom Tall Grow Tent 300 x 300 x 235cm
This High Quality Extra Height Grow Tent Is For Growers Who Want To Go BIG!!